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Maria Luisa Manca

I was born in Sicily (Italy), on the largest  island in the Mediterranean Sea. I grew up there, and learned how to cook when I was very young.
My passion for cooking came from my Mother and my Grandmother, who taught me to love good foods and amazing cooking traditions.
Maria Luisa Manca
I have done a lot of cooking over the years, in Italy first, and now in California where I moved with my family 10 years ago. I am very passionate about food so being able to share my cooking skills, and at the same time calling it a job, is very appealing.
I would like to share my knowledge and expertise with the hope that many others will enjoy cooking as much as I do. In my classes you will taste the the real Italian flavors and experiment with the easy and enjoyable cooking from scratch at home.
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MyItalianHomecooking Students and friends

From Marta Gaia Zanchi

- January 2014

Maria Luisa has the soul of an artist, the heart of a teacher and the mind of a very skilled business owner, a rare combination that allows her to excel at what she does. Her culinary creations are always high quality and true to the Italian tradition, made with honest ingredients to ensure her delicious food is as good to the body as it is to the palate. Her ability to convey her passion and expertise through teaching is remarkable and I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about "la cucina Italiana."

From Diane King:

- January 2014

Maria is a proficient instructor and very knowledgeable in cooking instruction. Maria shares her stories about growing up in Italy, cooking in the kitchen with her family and stresses the importance of preparing home cooked meals, avoiding a poor diet and fast food. It is refreshing to hear from an instructor the importance of family and the lost art of home cooking and family dinners together. She brings her knowledge enthusiastically to share with others and provides a fun learning environment.

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Cooking class "Christmas in Italy"
November 2009

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